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Point-of-care PCR testing needs to be simpler in order for you to deliver a quality care experience with results everyone can trust, now and in the future. We understand this means more than just faster tests. It means we needed to design a total solution to improve workflow, increase throughput, reduce ongoing system maintenance, and deliver lab-accurate results on demand. That’s exactly what we did.

Simpler Testing With Cepheid
Simpler Testing With Cepheid

Maximize operational efficiency by testing multiple samples on a single instrument

Set yourself up for success with our training and 24/7 tech support

Standardize testing and consistent delivery with inter-connected systems across your locations

Standardize testing and consistent delivery with inter-connected systems across your locations

PCR testing empowers confident clinical decision-making and streamlined resource management

Maintenance and service offerings to make caring for your systems seamless and simple

Accurate same-day results, no confirmatory testing, and innovations to give more answers from a single sample.

Meet GeneXpert®

  • Fully automated sample extraction, PCR amplification, and detection
  • Simple workflow with minimal hands-on time and walk away capabilities for unparalleled efficiency
  • Fast and accurate PCR results, with most test results in less than one hour
  • Laboratory information system (LIS) and electronic medical record (EMR) interface capabilities
  • Closed cartridge technology reduces the risk of contamination and enables random-access, mix-and-match testing for optimal flexibility.

See our POC tests:

  • Respiratory
    • Xpert Xpress CoV-2/Flu/RSV plus*
    • Xpert Xpress CoV-2 plus*
    • Xpert Xpress Strep A
    • Xpert Xpress Flu/RSV
    • Xpert Xpress Flu
    • *For use under an Emergency Use Authorization in the United States
  • women’s health & sexual health
    • Xpert Xpress Multiplex Vaginal Panel
  • Respiratory
    • Xpert Xpress CoV-2/Flu/RSV plus
    • Xpert Xpress CoV-2 plus
    • Xpert Xpress Strep A
    • Xpert Xpress Flu/RSV
    • Xpert Xpress Flu
  • women’s health & sexual health
    • Xpert GBS
    • Xpert GBS LB XC
    • Xpert CT/NG
    • Xpert TV
    • Xpert Xpress Multiplex Vaginal Panel
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GeneXpert Xpress
(CLIA Waived)

“I do not say this lightly. Adopting Cepheid's GeneXpert Xpress System in my office has been the single best business decision I have made in my 21 years of practice in pediatrics.”

– Dov Shapiro, MD, Managing Physician, Associated Pediatric Partners

“One platform to run multiple tests at the same time for different reasons. I can keep the same system as variants change and just switch out cartridges. I don't know of any other company that can do that.”

– Chrysa Charno, CEO/Clinical Director at AcuteKids, Pediatric Urgent Care

“The overall experience with Cepheid is ‘Fantastic’ from customer service to product availability and delivery.”

– Soledad Cisneros, Supply Chain Management, Community Health System

“Easy to navigate, simple to run, low maintenance, accurate results in less than 1 hour.”

– Kelli Burbach, Laboratory Technician, Aspirus Health

“Cepheid’s Xpert Xpress SARS-CoV-2 test allowed us to provide the same high-quality testing in the outpatient setting as we provide in our hospitals.”

– Mary Hammel, Laboratory Manager, UCHealth

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Better answers lead to better outcomes – not all technologies are created equal.

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Lab in a Cartridge™:

Bringing the full power of molecular testing closer to the patient.

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The real cost of change:

Understanding the total impact to workflow and improved efficiencies.

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